Acupuncture for your Animals 

Preventing pain in your pets through alternative treatment

Animal Acupuncture In SuffolkModern acupuncture has developed from the ancient, eastern practice of placing needles in specific locations on the body to relieve pain. Contrary to what you might think animals, as well as human beings, tolerate this treatment really well. In fact, they become so relaxed during treatment they often fall asleep!

There is a growing body of evidence to support the curing effects of acupuncture. Muscular fascial planes, nerve endings and even our immune system can be manipulated. Patients typically treated are those suffering from chronic pain conditions including osteoarthritis, muscular injuries and joint disorders. However, it can also cure other, lesser known conditions such as bladder problems, persistent sores and even recurring ear infections. 

Acupuncture is only effective when an appropriate work up and diagnosis have been achieved - it should complement, rather than replace, the use of western medicine.  A session lasts for about thirty minutes and signs of improvement may be seen straight away. However, three sessions are recommended for the best results.  

Lida Vets are excited to now be offering acupuncture as one of our services.  Pain is something we take very seriously, and acupuncture offers a fantastic new option for your pets.  Please ask to speak to Hannah for more information.  

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