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New Practice Expansion 

New facilities from January 2015

Recent visitors to the practice will have noticed some considerable changes over the last few weeks. Gone is the Portacabin in the car park which was our reception for six months!

Our new atrium incorporates an expanded reception area which is comfortable, well equipped and welcoming. It's steel and glass construction utilises plenty of natural light; Modern, comfortable, colourful seating add further jolly brightness, TV information screens and a coffee station all serve to ensure that you and their pets are able to relax throughout your stay with us.

Further changes have also been made 'behind the scenes' to update our premises, providing an ideal mix of modern, sophisticated facilities with traditional high class standards of service.

Brief history of the big change

At first there was a dream, a design - seen below


Then the work started

16/06/14 Monday

Sleepy porta-cabin awaiting a makeover. It is in the large Grosvenor Yard Car Park next to our building. It is connected to the premises through a covered walkway (with disabled access). Tomorrow the reception will be moved into it and suddenly the whole area will come to life.

First Thing

16/06/14 Tuesday 6am Over five hours, starting at 6am, the entire reception and its contents was moved to the temporary premises of the cabin (see picture below).  Everyone worked tirelessly throughout the day helping to make the cabin friendly and cosy. All communications: computers, scanners, faxes printers and phones and associated cabling were subdues and vanquished.

Tuesday 8.45 am The first patient (ever) attending the cabin was Cody the German Shepherd dog pictured here. He examined everything sniffed in approval.  

Cody the German Shepherd

Tuesday 11am The "old" reception is closed off and the entrance fenced off. Demolition has started in earnest.                       

Old Reception

24 June 1pm Somehow the pace of change is too fast. let's us get our breath back - you want to cry, but the demolition continues unabashed. Meanwhile inside things are getting nicer and more settled as if 'twas always thus. Almost as soon as the roof over the old reception disappears the men begin to demolish the concrete base. we are levelling the floor so there no more stairs and steps. New temporary entrance..


Inside the surgery new paint and new pictures are cheering the patients and staff alike..


27 June 11am

What's coming:

  • Large new entrance leading to spacious atrium.

  • Natural light through a glass front and roof.

  • Level surfaces (no more stairs..) and wider entrance for disabled accesswith

  • Separate waiting areas for cats and dogy 1ars

  • Larger store and dispensary 

  • Spacious comfortable 'sofa style' seating. 

Opening times

9:00am - 7:00 pm Mon - Fri
9:00am - 1:00pm Saturdays

By appointment only
Walk-in store and dispensary
24 hour emergency line01638 600 120

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