The Threat Of Ticks & New Disease 



Ticks are arthropods which attach themselves to pets (or humans) to suck blood. They are most

active during the spring, summer and autumn months, but may be present all year round. Tick bites

can cause irritation and become infected, but, more importantly, ticks can transmit serious diseases

to both pets and humans such as Lymes disease and Babbesiosis. Tick-borne diseases were relatively rare in the past, however, with the recent increase in the number of pets travelling abroad, and with the weather getting warmer, we have seen a small but significant rise in tick-borne diseases in the UK.

Managing Ticks

- Avoid areas where you know there are lots of ticks

- Inspect your pet daily/after walking and remove any ticks with a tick-remover.

- Do not use tweezers, oil, spirit or any other methods as these may leave behind the tick’s mouthparts,

which can cause infection.

- If your pet is at a high risk of ticks or travels abroad, we recommend regular use of a product

which helps to kill ticks (available from us as a long-acting collar, tablet or spot-on)

SERESTO collars


More information? A link to a useful site on ticks

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