Tillys tumourTilly is a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier known to us all as a great character.  Tilly is on long term medication for heart disease and had been coping well.  We were very concerned to see her one morning very lethargic and not wanting to eat any food.

A clinical exam identified very pale gums and we were quick to identify bleeding in the abdomen.  Unfortunately this bleeding came from a large mass attached to the spleen.  After much careful discussion, we decided to give Tilly the best chance and performed life saving surgery to remove the spleen with the large mass attached.

Tilly had a slow but steady recovery following the operation and, thankfully, the mass turned out to be a benign tumour weighing over 1 kg!  Nearly 6 months later Tilly is still with us. We are still working to help keep her heart going strong and so we get to see her regularly for a cuddle and a check up.

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