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Lida Vets Junior Vet Club – An Outlook


When we first met Beth was ten years old, Louise was fourteen and Charlie sixteen. These three and others came to us with their dream. Initially a parent rang or dropped in telling us about their son or daughter’s ambition to become a vet. “Would it be possible?” they asked diffidently, “Would it be possible for the child to gain some experience because they really, wanted to become a vet?

This conversation took place many times over the last twenty years. Some teenagers, mostly girls, stayed with us for many weeks, duly appearing every Saturday morning to help with the animals which were hospitalised, to walk the dogs, play with the cats or just clean their cages. They would watch operations and take notes – they grew up with us. Others came once and we never saw them again – it was not for them. They all knew that it would take long years of study and swatting.

Time passed and we kept in touch with them. Occasionally hearing how they got their A levels and were trying to decide where to apply. A few years later and they would visit as vet students officially undertaking extramural training. 

For Louise and Charlie, and most recently Cheryl Keen, the dream was fulfilled. Others ended up as nurses and Beth? She became a zoologist.


Does your son or daughter have a dream to work with animals? Become a vet or a nurse?

We are launching a Junior Vet Club - Why not join?


Who is it for?

  • It is a club for 13 -16 year olds (We have had younger members but ideally the older ages are better) who aspire to work with animals and perhaps become vets/nurses. Most kids have no idea about how to get there
  • Kids from any local schools are welcome – irrespective of who their vet is.

What are we offering?


  • Most of the club activity will be theory but there would be some practice. There are practical reasons for this.
  • Parent meeting – to explain what is involved and the structure to both youngsters and parents.
  • Club meetings and venue – monthly at first –  to talk and ask questions
  • Lectures on husbandry of animals and basic principles of handling and helping them from vets and nurses.
  • Fun – quizzes, digital media from youtube or others.
  • Notes - On the importance of work at school and experience with animals. There will be a booklet and a badge (maybe).
  • Advice on age group or personal basis re The Great How To: e.g. How to look after an injured puppy’ to ‘How to fulfil your dream to become a vet or a nurse’.
  • We will issue certificates for the kid’s CV
  • Finally – rota based practical experience

Why us?


  • Experience - We have recently launched into the Liverpool Vet School the latest such member, Cheryl Keen, who succeeded in making her dream a reality. Before her it was Louise Worth who saw practice with us as a kid and is now a successful vet who worked at DWR! and several others in the past who had gone on to become nurses vets or zoologists.
  • We want to help
  • We already have the rudiments in place – young boys and girls who volunteer on Saturdays and holidays – let’s make it more formal and make them Club Members.
Opening times

9:00am - 7:00 pm Mon - Fri
9:00am - 1:00pm Saturdays

By appointment only
Walk-in store and dispensary
24 hour emergency line01638 600 120

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