Supporting Mental Health In Suffolk! 

We support Suffolk Mind initiative and activities in: "Newmarket Needs Met". In 2018 we offer our help and premises to "Being Well in Suffolk", and in particular to training in Peer Support Network (PSN).        

Pear Support NetworkPear Support Network

PSN is a peer network that gives people Inspiration, Emotional Support, Personal Development, and tools for Action. The training is in 2 parts: the second part leads to full CCI co-counselling membership 

What does a PSN course offer?

  • The opportunity to take charge of our own lives
  • Ways to recognise our core needs and live more authentically
  • Building emotional literacy with information from neuroscience
  • Self-knowledge and inner peace: expands a practice of mindfulness
  • The culture and the practical tools to bring about change
  • Valuable skills for promoting empowerment in others
  • Free lifetime membership of local, national and international peer networks.

If you would like to know more, benefit from a free taster session in Newmarket or Ipswich.

1. For a Free Taster at our Atrium in Newmarket register your interest by emailing us here. Dates and further information will be sent to you directly.

2. For PSN / Co-Counselling Training in Ipswich 2018:

Free Tasters in Ipswich Wed 23 May (6.30-8.30), Sat 2 Jun (10.00-12.00) – see registration information for this below.

Course Part 1 Mon 25 Jun, Tue 26 Jun, Thu 5 Jul (9.30-4.30)
Course Part 2 Fri 14 Sep, Sat 15 Sep, Sun 30 Sep (9.30-4.30)

Contact for registering on the taster and all information about costs, bookings, discounts and bursaries:

Sue Gray: 07885 525188 or Steve Roche: 07727 658947


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