Animal Charities 

We enthusiastically support our local charities:

Cataholics (aka Animal Crackers): – A registered charity which rescues and fostering of sick and injured stray cats and kittens. Contact: Christine Beard on 01638 661234.

The Cambridge branch of RSPCA: Run by devoted volunteers. Contact: Janine Barber (Newmarket) on 01638 508316 or Pat Ward (Bury St Edmunds) on 01284 728946

Animal Craziness: Run by Joanne Evans. Pet re-homing and fostering. Contact: Joanne Evans on 07825707866 

We warmly support the national charities:

  • The Hearing dogs for the Deaf: The Dog’s Trust: The British Heart Foundation. Brief history:
  • Over £1350 was raised on 26th May 2013 when Josh ran the Edinburgh Marathon.
  • Over £1400 was raised on 29th April ’12 when Josh ran the Milton Keynes Marathon to help injured, sick, abandoned pets in our local area all thanks to your sponsorship
  • A further £3500 was raised last year when Josh completed all four marathons at a total of 1235minutes. The first of four marathons he ran the Loch Ness (Inverness) marathon on 05/10/08 in 285 minutes (4hrs:45min:15seconds; The second on 08/01/09 Tiberias marathon in 314 minutes (5hrs:14min:2seconds) The Edinburgh Marathon 23/05/10 at 5hrs:13min Inverness again on 03/10/10 in 5hrs:23min (on antibiotics and it was raining if you must ask…)
  • More money has been collected through sponsorship of runs ranging from The Race for Life (our vets and nurse Ladies ran) to various half Marathons.
  • Past charity runs included:
  • Josh ran Israel Tiberias Marathon 05/01/06 and Rome Marathon 26/03/06 when £2500+ was collected in sponsorship
  • Nearly £4700 have been collected for the BHF and the cats at the London Marathon 2005 (Josh ran).
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