Saba the Cat - Emergency Surgery 

saba the cat

On what started as a very routine day, we received a call about a very non-routine emergency. Saba was rushed to Lida Vets presenting with persistent vomiting and a stomach becoming more bloated by the minute. This is not an unusual set of clinical symptoms for a large, deep chested dog. However Saba is a cat!

We immediately took x-rays which showed that the stomach was extremely dilated with gas. The cause of the problem appeared to be a diaphragmatic hernia. This is a tear in the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen, allowing the abdominal organs to move into the chest space. The intrusion into the chest affects breathing and causes a potentially fatal distension of gas in the stomach.

After deflating the stomach and placing Saba on strong pain relief and intravenous fluids we took her to surgery. During the operation, our qualified veterinary nurses had to take over breathing for Saba, as her chest was open whilst we repaired the tear. Thankfully, she bounced right back after the surgery. You can see her here enjoying herself post surgery and asking for a tummy rub! We can now report that Saba is back to her normal self and enjoying life to the full.

Saba asks for post surgery tummy rub

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