Buddy, a lovely dog who loved his food 

The wonderful BuddyBuddy is a Sharpei-Beagle cross who loves his food.  So in July 2016, when his owners noticed that he wasn’t finishing his meals and seemed quieter, they were worried and took him to Lida Vets.  Blood tests, radiographs and a scan showed a lump inside his chest.  Buddy was diagnosed with lymphoma (an aggressive cancer of the white blood cells that caused the lump inside his chest), and oncologists at the Cambridge Vet School gave him only 3 to 6 months to live.  His owners were devastated, but they knew Buddy had a chance and decided to try chemotherapy.  The lump shrank, Buddy felt much better, and he celebrated his 2nd birthday in January 2017!  Unfortunately, soon after that, Buddy began panting, and radiographs showed that the lump had reappeared.  A different chemotherapy drug was started and Buddy rallied again, making a huge improvement.  

Sadly, lymphoma is a disease that is ultimately fatal, and Buddy became very ill suddenly after enjoying several months of good quality life.  His owners did not want him to suffer, so he was put to sleep in April.   We were all very sad to say goodbye to him, but we were glad that he was able to enjoy the extra months with his family, who loved and supported him every step of the way.

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