We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

Our welcoming reception areaReception

  • Recently renovated welcoming reception and a comfortable waiting area with refreshments (tea, coffee, water) journals and WIFI to make your waiting time pleasant.
  • In the near future, we will have a divided area for our dog and cats waiting to be seen.

Consulting rooms

  • We offer 4 comfortable secure consulting rooms to examine your pets in a safe pleasant full equipped consulting room with added pheromones to reduce stress.


  • We have a hospital with preparation area and comfortable kennels in 3 different sizes for inpatients with individual drip pumps for pets requiring fluid therapy.
  • In the near future we will have a separate dog and cat kennel room
  • We have a separate isolation ward

Surgical facilities

High quality surgical facilities including:

  • Anaesthetic machines with isoflurane anaesthetic gas. We can monitor our patients through capnography, ECG, SP02, blood pressure and core temperature.
  • Surgical facilities with a Hi tech sterile operation theatre.
  • Hi-Tech dentistry unit with drills scalar and polisher for teeth cleaning and dental procedure.

Diagnostic unit

Vet using a microscopeWe have a Hi Tech diagnostic unit with:

  • High quality radiography facilities for x-rays this also includes dental radiography.
  • Ultrasound unit for scanning different organs.
  • Endoscope for visualizing, sampling, and removing objects from the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.
  • Blood pressure unit for measuring blood pressure both for monitoring hypertension and evaluating blood pressure during general anaesthetic.

Full Laboratory facilities with both in-house and nearby in the equine hospital:

  • Blood work machines measuring haematology, chemistry, thyroid, electrolytes and testing for viral diseases; allowing accurate blood tests within 0.5-1 hour.
  • Urine analysis facilities.
  • Microscope – to assist in testing urine sediment, blood smears, skin scrapes (for parasites) and faecal tests.