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Published - 21 March 2018
Easter is coming, and with it brings chocolate and hot cross buns! For all the dog owners out there, be aware with your canine friends that the delicious treats for us, are not good for our dogs… And, for those canines that enjoy digging and rooting around, bulbs are another toxic hazard, especially daffodil bulbs.


Published - 19 March 2018
Joyce has played a significant role at Lida Vets, and this year she will have been with us 24 years!

Thanks, Joyce

Published - 28 Feb 2018
As the temperature is dropping and the weather is getting worse here are some tips for keeping your small furries who live outside warm! 

-If possible cover any open areas with a waterproof covering and keep the hutch raised to prevent the hutch getting damp
-Provide extra bedding such as straw, hay and shredded newspaper and boxes for even more protection 
-Make sure they have plenty of food and water and do regular checks to ensure their water bottle hasn’t frozen over. You can also insulate the bottle with some bubble wrap and an old sock so long as they can’t chew on it

And if you can, bring them inside for lots of cuddles!

Published  - 27 Feb 2018
We understand there is a confirmed case of parvo in our area. For more information about the virus please visit our website:

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