Ready to be cool this summer?

Ilan Lay, Clinical Director, at Lida Vets, is reminding people how to keep their dogs cool this Summer.

Ilan says, “It’s important to ensure your pet has access to shade and plenty of water during sunny days.

Never leave them in a hot place from which they cannot leave”.

Here are the best tips to keep your dog cool this summer:

  • Let your dog lie on a wet towel, or a towel over an ice pack
  • Create an area of shade for them with a blanket, a coat or a towel
  • Bring a water bowl (collapsible are available) on your walks in the hot weather, so your pet can hydrate frequently.
  • Put a fan or air conditioning on to keep areas cool
  • Trim their hair if possible, to help keep them cool

Your pet’s safety during the summer should be a priority for you. Ensuring you keep them cool is an important part of caring for your pet.