Vets in Newmarket advice on guinea pig space requirements

Did you know that there are guidelines for minimum space requirements for housing guinea pigs? ?

We have pulled together some guidelines for you to ensure that your guinea pigs have the space they need to keep fit and healthy.

When you’ve chosen your guinea pigs, it is important to consider the space they will require and whether that space will be inside or outside. The RSPCA recommend that two guinea pigs require a┬áminimum┬ácage size of 120cm x 60cm x 45cm.

We recommend that you provide your guinea pigs with as much space as possible, so they have room to exercise and play!

Top tips

  • It is important to ensure your guinea pigs have a separate sleeping area to retreat to when they require quiet time and rest
  • For the sleeping area, please use straw, shredded paper or hay as bedding
  • Ensure that your cage is placed in a location free of draughts and direct sunlight
  • Include runs and tunnels for them to hide and play in
  • If you decide to keep your guinea pigs in a hutch outside, please ensure it is raised and kept off the ground
  • If they are living indoors, you should provide a suitably sized cage
  • For guinea pigs housed outdoors, we would advise they are kept safe from predators, such as in a shed
  • Please ensure that your guinea pigs have a safe and secure space for roaming as part of their daily routine
  • Once a day, remember to remove any soiled paper, straw or bedding and give the cage/hutch a thorough clean once a week.


We hope that your guinea pigs enjoy their safe space!