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There are so many simple things you could do to keep your pet healthy, really!

Foreign Bodies

  • Keep the living and play area clear of objects with potential to become ingested and cause trouble
  • Use muzzles or collars outdoors if your dog is hell bent on scavenging
  • Suspect everything, especially sticks, stones, gravel, bones, dead bits of animals, man-made objects, garden chemicals.

Superficial Injuries

  • Do not allow your pet to lick their wounds. This sounds counter-intuitive but they can infect the wound, make it larger and become obsessive and do more harm than good
  • Apply an Elizabethan collar (a “lampshade”, hood or a buster-collar)
  • Wash with salt water made of 10 teaspoons of salt in a pint of water.

Stay Slim

  • This is key to avoiding lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and pancreatitis as well as orthopaedic conditions
  • Do not believe what is written on dog food containers and bags – trust only your fingers and your scales
  • You should be able to feel the ribs easily without a layer of fat in between
  • There should be a distinct waistline and the tummy should remain tucked up throughout
  • If you feed treats reduce the ordinary meals accordingly
  • Avoid feeding leftovers on top of ordinary meals especially ones which are fatty or gristly.