Caring vets help bring Cairo cats back from the brink

A leading Newmarket vets is helping to treat another group of disabled and injured Egyptian cats as part of its long-running commitment to an amazing cause.

The cats from Cairo which were rescued and flown to the UK this month, December 2019

Lida Vets, which is in located in High Street, will be caring for eight stray cats who have various issues, including lost limbs and lost sight in one or both eyes, who have been rescued and transported to the UK from Cairo.

The cats have been flown over thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Facebook group Cairo Cats for Rehoming, created and run by Carol Little and other volunteers.

Once in this country, many of the cats are taken to Sam’s Sanctuary at Fordham Boarding Cattery in Ely.

Lida Vets practice manager, Natasha Mulley, said: “Keren Goff, who owns and runs the cattery where many of the Egyptian cats are taken and looked after, has been a client of ours for many years now and we have always supported her charity work, most recently that has involved the Cairo cats.

“We treat the cats, which often have complex issues, offer Keren a range of advice and also organise fundraising events to help towards the costs of transporting the cats to the UK, such as the cake sale we have just held.

“As vets, our mission is to help the animals who need us, which is what Carol and Keren voluntarily do on a daily basis. We are more than happy to support them and the outstanding work they do.”

Cairo Cats for Rehoming was created by Carol and brings seriously injured and disabled stray cats from Egypt to the UK where they can receive the veterinary treatment they need and can then hopefully be placed in loving homes.

Keren created Sam’s Sanctuary at Fordham Boarding Cattery after becoming friends with Carol and agreeing to take Sambo – a cat who had been rescued from Cairo – into her cattery.

Keren saw the devastating injuries Samba had received at the hands of humans and with her love and care, together with expert treatment and support from Lida Vets, nursed him back to health.

Samba’s plight moved Keren so much she created a sanctuary where many of the cats Carol rescues can find love and security.

Since then, Keren has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed almost 50 Egyptian cats, many of who have had to undergo extensive surgeries at Lida Vets after contracting infections which had been left untreated, or receiving no medical attention after being involved in traffic collisions.

Keren said: “Lida’s support with the Cairo Cats is invaluable. Without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

“There is no other practice I have worked with who have been so supportive or understanding regarding saving lives from a different country.

“As a practice with multinational vets I think Lida Vets has a far greater understanding and appreciation of my mantra that we rescue under the same stars.

“The whole team at Lida are exceptional, provide a first-class service and go above and beyond to help me save every life I possibly can.

“The lucky list, which includes the 47 Egyptian cats we’ve rehomed, now stands at 450 which is a huge achievement. It’s only been possible because Lida Vets have been behind me every step of the way.”

Search for Cairo Cats for Rehoming on Facebook for more details.